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Welcome to Sapio

Telstra Business Protect – Welcome to Sapio

You were recently notified by Telstra of changes to the billing of your Business Protect security alarm monitoring service. This Business Protect monitoring service is currently provided by Sapio, a Telstra subsidiary, but billed by Telstra on your Telstra bill. From 15 December 2021, this service will no longer be billed by Telstra and will be billed by Sapio directly. This will also include any other future services associated with your Business Protect account (including any alarm responses or service work). As noted by Telstra, any Hardware repayments will continue to be billed by Telstra.

What does this change mean?

Telstra will no longer be billing you for your monitoring service. Sapio will continue to monitor your premises from our dual grade A1 monitoring facilities located at West Ryde and Newcastle NSW. The only change to note is your future invoices will be issued by Sapio (ABN 88 169 549 820).

When does this occur?

This will be effective from the 15th December 2021.

Who is Sapio?

Sapio has been providing the monitoring service for Telstra Business Protect. Sapio is a Telstra Corporation Ltd subsidiary that provides leading edge electronic security, installation and services across CCTV, Access Control & Intrusion Systems Australia-wide. Coupled with our dual Grade A1 Monitoring Centres, we provide the highest standard of monitoring available, 24/7, 365.

Our Company details:
Company Name: Sapio Pty Ltd
ACN: 169 549 820
ABN: 88 169 549 820
Principal Place of business: 96 Anzac Avenue, West Ryde, 2114
Ultimate holding Company: Telstra Corporation Limited ABN 33 051 775 556

What will be billed by Sapio?

From the 15th of December, 2021 onwards, all monitoring, service work and alarm responses will be billed by Sapio.

What about any Business Protect Hardware Repayments?

Any outstanding hardware repayments will continue to be billed by Telstra.

Will I need to create a new vendor?

Yes. As Sapio is a stand-alone entity, you will need to set Sapio up as a vendor in your system. All banking details have been provided in a letter sent to you via direct post and email (where possible). If you do not have a copy of that letter and need these details sent to you please submit a request below. Please note that these details will be on your invoice.

Will all charges continue at my existing Telstra rates?

Yes. All fees will remain the same as you are receiving from Telstra. This includes alarm responses and service work.

What is the billing cycle of Sapio?

As the cut-over is from the 15th of December, you will receive a monthly bill from the 15th each month. The first month will reflect a billing period from 15th December to the 14th January.

What if my Telstra billing period overlaps?

If you paid or have been charged by Telstra for a Business Protect monitoring service past the 15th of December you will receive a pro-rata credit from Telstra for the period post 15th December.

For example, if your last billing period was 3rd December to 2nd January. You will receive a credit from the 15th December to the 2nd January in your next bill run.

What do I need to do from my end?

The billing change will occur automatically. You will only need to set Sapio up in your system as our banking and company details are different to Telstra’s.

How can I find more information or speak to someone on this change?

If you require further assistance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our below request form or call our monitoring/customer care team on 1300 30 30 17.

Who do I contact for service work?

For any alarm monitoring needs, you can continue to contact the existing numbers you had been provided. Alternatively, if you would like to directly reach the service branch closest to you, please follow the link below:

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