Human Powered Security
We are a security company
where innovative technology
meets human intellect
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Why Sapio

Human Powered Security

We exist to deliver real security intelligence, relationships and activated solutions in a world becoming ever more remote and mechanised.

Delivering Security Intelligence.

We’re Sapio.

The Human-Powered security company.

Smart, ambitious and nimble game-changers.

We’re here to disrupt and evolve the way that our industry works for the mutual success of all involved.

We are the place to make an impact on our centuries-old industry.

We lead the future of security in Australia through our unique style of operation, our strategic platform of Human Intelligence and our focus on providing progressive and more secure futures for all.

Evolving our category means evolving the collective mindset of the people with whom we interact with day to day.

It’s a big goal however, we want the evolution of this industry to start with inspiration and vigour.

At our core, we’re a collective of down-to earth experts, with a willingness to support others.

Each brings their own skills and experience to the table – engineers, thinkers, do-ers, data crunchers, tech gurus, problem-solvers, risk strategists, people-people.

In a world where all industries are being transformed by tech, we know our own success is down to the quality, skills and expertise of our people – so, at Sapio, that’s what we offer.

Core Values

We are Pro-Active

  • We provide a seamless experience with in-house specialists (never subcontracted) utilising a second-to-none knowledge base.
  • Data is harnessed to push the power of security monitoring beyond basics, giving you a far greater business.

Always tech-agnostic and people-specific.


  • Solutions-driven, product-agnostic and people-specific. Our people quality always matches build and tech quality.
  • Experience across all sectors means we can transfer learnings and ideas from builds of all shapes and sizes to your needs.

We understand – interpreting incidence or opportunity in our data.


  • We want to partner and co-create as if your business were ours, we’ll do more than simply ‘react to’ your circumstance.
  • We genuinely care and we will pull out all of the stops to make it work for you.

Taking action is paramount – for our ideas and our observations.


  • 24/7 real time access to our expert security consultants. Expect us to be there, proving our worth.
  • Proudly Australian and operating with a nationwide footprint. Always expect a locally connected service.

Real interactions – reliable, straightforward and accessible.

What Sets Us Apart

Swift Acting

Taking action is paramount – for our ideas and our observations.


Real interactions – reliable, straightforward and accessible.

Picking Best-in-Class Tech

Always tech-agnostic and people-specific.


Empathetic networking and partnerships to learn more and unlock more.

Data Literate

We understand – interpreting incidence or opportunity in our data.


Diversity strengthens us (people, clients and our solutions).

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