Analytic Video Monitoring

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Proactive Security Outcomes

SapioView’s Analytic Video Monitoring gives organisations access to proactive A.I driven video analytics. Through machine learning, Analytic Video Monitoring can recognise patterns and behaviors that are indicative of events, prior to events occurring. This provides businesses with the tools needed to identify and predict critical situations prior to their occurrence, ultimately mitigating risk.
Analytic Video Monitoring also assists in optimising staffing resources, as only relevant information is provided to security personnel. Through specific rule setting, organisations can have access to only the information they need at certain instances. Ensuring that employees are able act quickly and effectively.

Cloud Based Video Analytics

SapioView’s Analytic Video Monitoring leverages a range of sensors to feed information directly into the A.I. This creates in-depth actionable situations, that can provide very specific outcomes for businesses.
Cloud based analytics allow that your information is accessible from a browser, ensuring your organisation has access to the same information that we do, regardless of where you are.
As artificial intelligence becomes more and more advanced, A.I capabilities will grow – providing businesses with a growing list of outcomes that can be achieved through analytics.

Protect Your Property, People & Assets

Fast & Precise Detection

Classify, identify and track over 50 objects simultaneously while they are either stationary or moving.

Accurate and Particular

Can search for a person or vehicle among crowded or constantly changing environments.

In-Depth Classification

Search for specific parameters describing vehicles or people.

Future Focused

Created on a modular system, our analytics platform is constantly being updates and evolving to offer an increasing array of functionality.

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