Virtual Patrol Services

Your Leading Visual Verification Platform.

Checks System Health

Cost Effective

Virtual Patrols are a more cost effective way of securing a premises than a physical guard.

Checks System Health

Through scheduled use of your on-site cameras you can discover maintenance issues before its too late.

Increases Peace of Mind

Rest assured that our trained monitoring operators are scanning your premises.

Real Time Virtual Patrols

SapioView’s Virtual Patrol Services offer scheduled or on-demand remote patrols for properties. This is done by our Operators in our state-of-the-art monitoring centres.

Our Operators scan your premises one camera at a time, in an order of your choosing, just as a physical guard would, and then act accordingly. Virtual Patrols are a cost-effective replacement to physical guards, providing operators with visual access to key areas that are often off limits to guards.

Alarm Response Patrols

Alarm response patrols are instant visual verification of alarm events. No waiting for the guard to arrive.

Scheduled Patrols

Scheduled Patrols are virtual patrols that can be scheduled for specific sites and cameras.

Multi-View Patrols

View several onsite locations and multiple cameras from one convenient grid display.

Walkthrough Patrols

Operators can do a virtual walk through of a site using a pre-defined sequence of camera views.

On-Demand, Remote Monitoring

Effective Resource Use

Virtual Patrol Services maximise the efficiency of existing guard staff and also limit the need for after-hours guard presence. Ensuring resources are used effectively.

Two Way Communication

Operators can communicate with individuals through in-built microphones and speakers within the camera module. This could be used to deter intruders or communicate with after-hours staff.

3rd Party Access Control

Remote View privileges can also be granted to 3rd Parties meaning that 3rd party management can communicate with onsite staff to ensure quality of work and staff efficiency.

Advanced Reporting

Access details for patrols for each site and camera as well as the length of each patrol or camera access. See the data usage for each patrol or camera access and see the operator notes for each patrol or camera access.

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