Video Verification

Your Leading Visual Verification Platform.

Reduce Callout Fees

Verify an alarm event and reduce the amount of unneeded authority requests. Lower false alarms mean less false callout fees.

Reduce Property Loss

Catching and deterring criminals in the act minimises the overall loss businesses encounter.

Reduce Response Times

Confirm an event with first responders to create a higher-priority response. When law enforcement understands a situation in greater deal, they can address it more effectively.

Less Insurance Claims

A decrease in business losses means a decrease in insurance claims

Improve Security Quality

Video Verification provides another layer of security on top of an existing video surveillance system.

Real Time Event Confirmation

SapioView’s Video Verification platform pairs alarm signals from your alarm panel with video footage to provide a real time event verification system.

When an alarm is triggered, a camera paired to the zone starts recording the events that unfold. This is then sent to our state-of-the-art monitoring centre for verification.

The system works by virtually pairing a PIR or reed switch to a camera on site via SapioView. A triggered alarm event is sent to SapioView and an operator will then action the event with the following:
• Live view to the paired camera. The operator will also have access to live view other paired cameras on site.
• Receive recorded event and view the footage of what triggered the event.

Reduce False Alarms

Video Verification is a more efficient method of qualifying and addressing alarm events. Instead of deploying a physical guard or law enforcement official to verify an event on-site, Real-Time Video Verification allows Monitoring Operators to remotely assess the activity through instant video footage, and immediately respond to the situation.

A remote verification solution requires less on site presence and in turn mitigates the need to pay for guard call-out fees.

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