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We’ve Changed Our Name

Telstra SNP Monitoring recently changed it’s name to Sapio.

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What does this rebrand mean for Telstra SNP Monitoring customers?

Our priority remains the same: to protect your business and help it evolve. We’ll continue to bring you world-class security solutions, and you’ll be working with the same expert teams. There has been no change in management or day to day operations of the business.

However, as Sapio, we look to partner and deliver powering insights through unlocking the potential for your electronic security systems. This is the essence of ‘Human Powered Security’ in our business.

Why is Telstra SNP Monitoring rebranding to Sapio?

As the security industry and technology has continued to evolve, so has our business. Consequently, we have bought our branding into the future with a new name and look but powered by the same great team for business continuity. You can look forward to receiving an even higher level of expertise and service from us in the future.

Did you remove Telstra from your identity because you are no longer working with them?

No. Sapio is still partnered with Telstra and will continue to have the Telstra backing and resources as usual. We have removed Telstra from the name and our identity to avoid confusion and streamline processes to serve our customers better.

What is the change of company name?

Telstra SNP Monitoring Pty Ltd changed it’s name to Sapio Pty Ltd from the 25th March 2019.

Does this mean we have to create a new customer/vendor?

No, our ABN and ACN remain the same. (ABN 88 169 549 820 & ACN 169 549 820)

Is there any change in ownership?

No, there is no change in ownership. Telstra Corporation Ltd remain the Ultimate Holding Company (51% ownership).