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Notification FAQ

SMS & Email Notification FAQ

Sapio is excited to announce we have launched SMS notifications, allowing you to receive system status alerts via SMS in real time.

What does this mean for me?

Sapio will now send you SMS notifications when your alarm system reports following events:

  • Power failure
  • Low battery
  • Unauthorised isolation of a zone/area/system
  • Late to close
  • Early open
  • Communication check not received on time

For definition of these alarms, please visit

How will Sapio handle intrusion or duress alarms?

These are classified as high priority alarms and Sapio will continue to call your nominated contacts to report these alarms as per ASIAL standards.

Who will be affected on my contact list?

We will turn this feature on for your first two primary contacts with listed mobile numbers only. If you wish to modify this, by add or remove auto notification recipients, please contact customer care on 1300 30 30 17 Option 4.

What if I am the incorrect contact to receive this notification?

Please contact us on or 1300 30 30 17 option 4 to ensure that your notification preferences are updated.

What if I don’t want this feature?

Please reply with STOP to the text message you initially received.