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Installation, Service, Maintenance, Monitoring & Innovation

Addressing Your Security Needs at Scale


Our network of technicians covers the entirety of Australia, ensuring that you receive a high quality security installation, regardless of where your site is.

Our experienced technicians work hand in glove with our Account Management Teams to install outcome driven security solutions that will fulfill your specific needs.

With in-house engineering, you are able to receive bespoke solutions that integrate cutting-edge technology and comprehensive analytics platforms.

By leveraging years of experience in electronic security installation, Sapio is able to provide you an excellent service installation while focusing on time and cost.

The end result is a simple and effective deployment which delivers peace of mind by providing you with increased understanding of your site’s security and usage.


By streamlining communication, we improve the quality of your security.

Our dedicated service teams ensure that your requests are handled immediately.

Update your information or schedule service requests effortlessly, utilising our Insight portal or alternatively, direct contact with our service team.

Faster responses, easier updating of information and multi-site overview will consistently ensure that you stay on top of your security management.

Our experienced service team will always ensure your jobs are completed – on time and on budget.


Connected assets allow for intelligent maintenance.

We keep assets operating in peak condition by analysing connected hardware to identify faults before they occur.

Planned asset cataloguing ensures that your devices are in peak condition through regular maintenance and in-depth diagnostic processes.

Our reactive incident management minimises the downtime you face after a security fault, thereby helping to increase coverage and security quality.

Our reporting can be tailored to suit the Service Level Agreement reached by both parties, ensuring that you get information that suits you.


Both of our Monitoring Centres are A1 Graded and will provide you with the highest level of monitoring services available.

Our Monitoring Centres are entirely self-sufficient and run on a dedicated power supply to minimise the risk of downtime.

Our Monitoring Operators are trained to the highest proficiencies and are able to appropriately action any events immediately.

By working with Sapio to create event response plans, our operators can handle emergencies without the need for you to intervene, creating an platform for autonomous incident response.

With new and exciting technologies entering the security space, your security solutions will get better with time, leveraging machine learning and pairing it with human intelligence to create an incomparable quality of security monitoring that you just can’t find anywhere else.


At Sapio, we are constantly discovering new and exciting electronic security technologies and engineering them to meet the evolving demands of our clients.

We have integrated a large range of biometric measurement devices into access control solutions to create a greater level of on-site security for those that need it.

Our cameras are being constantly tested by our in-house engineers to measure the quality and effectiveness of video analytic platforms.

Our self-sufficient solar powered solutions require no infrastructure and can be deployed in a matter of minutes to any location with cellular coverage.

As the interoperability of technology increases, so too will the capabilities of the spaces that use them.

Smart cities can leverage a range of electronic security technologies to create spaces that are secure and efficient.

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