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Product Expertise

Working with industry leaders

Getting the most out of security technology.

CCTV & Video Management

Sapio works with leading CCTV manufacturers to create solutions that push the limits of what regular CCTV can do.

From large scale deployments to analytic integration, our engineers work hand in glove with manufacturers to meet and exceed what is required from your security solution.

We are continuously working to integrate CCTV feeds into our expanding network of monitoring services so you can have eyes on site quicker and with greater functionality.

Sapio also teams up with the best Video Management Software partners available – so you can do more with you camera feeds.

Our Engineers are constantly finding new ways to use existing VMS software to store and retrieve footage in more efficient ways.

No matter what the current situation of your CCTV deployment is, our team is more than capable of helping you manage your video footage.

Access Control & Biometric Technology

Our in-depth understanding of access control technology helps you restrict and enforce foot traffic into your premises.

A modular access control approach means that as your requirements for employee and space increases, your security doesn’t suffer.

Our strong focus on innovation also helps us push new ways of integrating biometric and other verification technology into our solutions to provide you with wholistic access control outcomes that can leverage and improve on your existing deployments.

We work with industry leaders to create deployments that work in tandem with workplace health, safety and security protocols to turn your existing access control into a multifactor system leveraging the latest biometric technologies.

Alarm Systems & Intercom

Sapio is constantly pushing the way alarm technology is used to provide you with ways of optimising bandwidth costs through motion sensing technologies.

Working with industry leaders also assists our engineers in developing the cutting edge sequencing of motion sensors, pairing them with with video feeds, access control and other interoperable solutions to provide you with outcome driving solutions.

Our experts know how to maximise the effectiveness of alarm systems according to your premises, and we work with alarm developers to find out the most efficient way to construct these systems.

Sapio pushes the limits of what integrated intercom technologies can do, turning leveraging alarm & intercom systems with biometric access control or video analytics to push wholistic security solutions with the support of the technologies manufacturer.

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