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Sapio Delivers Campus Safety with Honors

Case Study: RMIT University

Data Driven Security

Data about potential threats and risks to your security is useful – but when your security provider can interpret the datasets to provide greater insights for your business, it becomes invaluable.

Sapio is experienced in all forms of security analytics on a range of security management platforms, with our engineers providing a range of analytic solutions depending on what your business needs – including Licence Plate Recognition, biometric measurements such as fingerprint and facial recognition, as well as heatmapping, people counting, data on lingering and much more.

We turn your data analytics into quantifiable outcomes on easy-to-use dashboards that provide insights into your business operations – just tell us what you want to know, and we find out how to improve your business.

We enable you to use your data for business improvement, including increased security, better marketing investment, understanding customer presence, demographics and more.

What is Security Analytics?

Data analytics is the analysis of datasets and statistics to make conclusions about information using metadata.

Metadata contextualises information and provides a platform for inferences to be made by classifying what datasets say.

Data analytics allow for information trends and metrics to be recognised that would otherwise be lost, allowing for increased business efficiency based on understanding where there are security vulnerabilities.

Recent developments in the security industry have seen the development of analytic cameras, that push beyond the traditional realms of what it means to conduct surveillance.

Analytics are strengthened based on deep learning – where cameras identify trends, leading to greater automation and efficiency.

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