Alarm Monitoring

Get the most out of your security system.

Monitoring to Suit Your Needs

Residential Monitoring

Ensure that your family and premises are secure by leveraging our 24/7 monitoring team to respond to alarm events.

Commercial Monitoring

Make sure that your assets are protected by allowing our monitoring operators to respond to intrusions, no matter when they occur.

Temperature Monitoring

Our operators are on standby around the clock to ensure that your facilities are at the correct c02, moisture and temperature levels.

Smart Data for your Business

Every business is different. Our highly trained, licensed operators are briefed on your specific requirements, recording behavioural patterns for future reference. This allows Sapio to increase the effectiveness of your security system, reduce any unnecessary spend and, identify where additional training may be required.

Our Reports Include:

  • Daily Incident of Patrol Responses
  • Genuine Incident Reports
  • Monthly (Top 25) False Alarm Reports
  • Monthly (Top 25) User Error Reports
  • Monthly ‘Cleaner Reports’, Where a False Activation has Occurred
  • Unscheduled Intrusion Alarm Reports

You are Informed and in Control

At the first sign of trouble, the Monitoring Response Teams take immediate action to protect your property and possessions. Your instructions are recorded in our secure MasterMind monitoring platform and this protocol is always followed. Optional Email and SMS notifications of selected alarm events can also ensure you always know what’s going on.

Monitoring Path Options

Mobile Monitoring

Mobile monitoring provides you with secure monitoring without a landline. Sapio’s Mobile
monitoring is done via the Telstra Next G network which means that your security system works just like a mobile phone. That means it cannot be easily tampered with and cannot be bypassed by cutting the wires that lead to your premise. Sapio’s Mobile Monitoring also future proofs your alarm system ensuring that you won’t lose communication due to technology changes, such as the NBN.

Dual Path Monitoring

Dual Path monitoring is the most secure monitoring you can have with your alarm
system. Dual path refers to having two forms (paths) of communication to the Sapio Monitoring Centre. Generally, we use your Internet as your primary path and mobile communication for the secondary path. If the primary path drops out or loses connectivity the secondary mobile path picks up. This makes dual path monitoring the highest grade monitoring service available.

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